February 25, 2009


Well I just arrived in Phoenix...here is the view from my hotel room, or is it...perhaps I just found this picture on the internet and am just pretending to be in Phoenix...perhaps.  I flew to Winnipeg, transferred planes and then came straight here.  I met a couple of good old farmers on the way here and learned about cutter bees (apparently they are worth $.001/bee...which is a great price).  

So, Phoenix is home to apparently 3.7 million people and the first one I met (cab driver) ripped me off.  He pulled the ol' I don't have enough change routine.  I would have sat there and watched him search all day long but some buggers stole my luggage...actually they were just the doormen, but I wasn't letting them get away with anything.  The hotel is full of teachers...which is weird because the hotel treats us like we are important. Well, I am off to register...then a session by Rebecca DuFour: The Power of Professional Learning Communities tonight!  Oh, it is plus 24 here...so I guess I didn't need to bring my winter jacket.  Why didn't somebody tell me this place is next to California?


  1. Awesome - an over 50 degree difference from here. No jealosy what so ever.

    As for the cabbie thing - spoken like a true Saskatchewan farmboy.

  2. Yeah, it's a little bit of culture shock. Why are there people carrying my bags when I can do it myself...and on top of it all they want money for doing it!

  3. Imagine what our students' will feel when they travel to Egypt next month (most are travelling for the very FIRST time!) I could see Andrew P. tackling his would be robbers and “saving” his luggage! ...lol