March 5, 2009

An Example

Here is a video that does not go well with my last post! Our intern from first semester had to make a video for his class. He chose the topic: "Are Teachers Stressed?" Apparently we are...keep in mind that much of our demotivational and cynical behaviour was deliberate. Well, that's our story and we're sticking to it! Note the part where I talk about PLC's (e.g. I think they're garbage). Oops.

Are Teachers Stressed?

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  1. Ok! In the future, I need to seriously watch all videos FIRST before recommending anything to anyone at the division office!

    Actually I found the video very interesting but wonder why Matt did not interview a female staff member? I wonder if a female's responses would have differed from the male's?

    For administration, the area of teacher stress never goes away. Many sleepless nights are spent reviewing and contemplating how to support, inspire and challenge teachers (actually all staff). I know for myself this area is the one that has given me the most stress; however, when teachers/staff find their passion again or try something new and share their excitement, for me the reward in being apart of this process is tremendous!