March 5, 2009

What to do on Monday?

Now that I am no longer in Phoenix and back to the ol' routine I can once again close my door and teach...pretending that the PLC conference never happened. Just kidding Tammy. Actually, one speaker did touch on this aspect: this conference I went to was by far the best professional development event I have ever attended. It came at the perfect time for me (I give credit to my administration and division for recognizing this "timing"). For one, I was under the assumption that PLC's were a waste of time...boy was I wrong. Secondly, I am only beginning my teaching career and am still figuring my belief system Timothy Kanold said of himself earlier in his administration days: "I did not yet know what I truly believed". Not only did this conference provide an in depth and optimistic look at PLC dynamics, it also helped me solidify some of my own pedagogical beliefs. However, as one speaker asked, what happens on Monday? I attended this conference by myself...which actually was kind of a bonus because it allowed me to focus entirely on the conference and the learning that was taking place...and not on the plus 31 degree weather or getting rid of my farmer's tan. But one thing I am struggling with is what happens Monday? Sure I can talk about what I learned and share with others the ideas that I encountered...but what will I do about it? How will I implement it? I honestly don't know...change takes time and as mentioned earlier, we need to first create the conditions to change. I guess the most obvious answer would be for our division to hold a conference just as this. I am not sure how economically feasible this would be...but I know that we would see positive change occurring at an unthinkable rate. This conference inspired a great amount of enthusiasm within imagine that enthusiasm on a division wide scale. Anyway, I am going to continue writing this blog, it helps me work through the ideas floating around in my head. However, for those of you who are interested in what the "professionals" had to say and could do without my blabbering, I have three speakers left to cover. One of them is coming to North Battleford very shortly...and just so you know, he was amazing!

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